copying music and videos to your phone

To listen or watch when you’re offline:
Connect your phone to your PC with a cable. Then use File Explorer to copy the music and video files to your phone.
On your phone:
After they’ve been copied, your songs will be in the Groove app and videos will be in the Movies & TV app.
To conserve phone storage:

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set up and use kid’s corner in windows 10 mobile

Kid’s Corner is a place on your Windows 10 phone where your child can play with games, apps, music, and videos that you add there.
On Start  , swipe over to the App list, select Settings  > Accounts > Kid’s Corner, and then select Next.
Select Games, Music, Videos, or Apps, choose the items you want, and then select Done.

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get help with the films & tv app

To cast from the Google Play Movies & TV app to your TV using your phone or tablet

Connect your device and Chromecast to the same wireless network.
Open the Google Play Movies Google Play Movies & TV app.
Select My Movies or My TV shows.
Choose a movie or show.
Tap the Cast Cast icon.

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how to change ringtone in windows 10 mobile

Change your ringtone

To change what you hear when you get a call, select the Start Windows button, swipe over to the App list, and then select Settings > Personalization > Sounds. Under Ringtone, select the menu to choose a new ringtone.

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change save location for game dvr on my pc

Where are my Game DVR clips and screenshots saved in Windows 10?

To find your game clips and screenshots from Game DVR, select the Start Windows logo Start button button, choose the Xbox X on a sphere Xbox app in the Start menu, and then go to Settings Gear-shaped Settings > Game DVR > Saving captures and select Open folder.

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de-crypt an encrypted file from an organization

Remove protection from work files

If your organization uses Windows information protection, your work files and internal web sites are encrypted to protect them from prying eyes. This protection scrambles the data in your files so that only you or others in your organization can look at them.

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update your ime for windows 10

Update your IME for Windows 10

Windows needs an Input Method Editor to work with some languages. If you had an IME for Windows 7 and it doesn’t work in Windows 10, go to your developer’s website to download a new version.

werk jou ime vir windows 10 by

የእርስዎን ime ለ windows 10 ያዘምኑ

windows 10-ৰ বাবে আপোনাৰ ime আপডেট কৰক

windows 10 üçün ime-nizi yeniləyin

ažurirajte ime za windows 10

uppfærðu þitt ime fyrir windows 10

به‌روزرسانی ime برای windows 10

how do i find paid wi-fi

Turn paid Wi-Fi services on or off in Windows 10

Windows 10 can help you get connected in more places by offering plans to buy from the Store. When the Find paid plans for suggested open hotspots near me setting is turned on in Wi-Fi settings, you’ll be able to buy a paid Wi-Fi plan from the Store when a participating network is in range.

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how to update windows 10 drivers

Update drivers in Windows 10

Driver updates for Windows 10 and many devices (such as monitors, printers, and video cards) are automatically downloaded and installed through Windows Update.
While it’s likely you already have the most recent driver, if you’re having trouble with a device, you can try fixing it by updating the driver or reinstalling it. Here’s how:

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how to use voice recorder

How to use Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is an app for recording lectures, conversations, and other sounds (previously called Sound Recorder). Hit the big Record button, and add markers to identify key moments as you record or play. Then you can trim, rename, or share your recordings, which are saved in Documents > Sound Recordings.

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