set up and use kid’s corner in windows 10 mobile

Kid’s Corner is a place on your Windows 10 phone where your child can play with games, apps, music, and videos that you add there.
On Start  , swipe over to the App list, select Settings  > Accounts > Kid’s Corner, and then select Next.
Select Games, Music, Videos, or Apps, choose the items you want, and then select Done.

When you’re finished adding things, select Next.
If your phone doesn’t already have a lock screen password, set one if you want to ensure that your child can’t get to your Start screen. Select Set password, type your password, and then select Done.
Select Finish to leave setup and open Kid’s Corner.
Change the selections in Kid’s Corner at any time by going to Settings  > Accounts > Kid’s Corner. If you think you’ll be changing Kid’s Corner often, just pin it to Start.

Only you can add items to Kid’s Corner, but kids can open and use it on their own.
To get to Kid’s Corner, swipe over from the lock screen, then swipe up. Or go to Settings > Accounts > Kid’s Corner, and then select Launch Kid’s Corner.
Your kids can now use the apps you added. They can also select Customize to choose a new name or accent color, and even resize and move the tiles.
To leave Kid’s Corner, press the phone’s power button. Press it again to go back to the main lock screen.

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