get help with the xbox app on windows 10

Get help with Xbox on Windows 10


For help with the Xbox app, enter your question in the search box on the taskbar. You’ll get answers from Cortana or Bing.
Try “What’s the Xbox app?” or “What’s a gamertag?” If that doesn’t work, have a look at the Gaming & entertainment page on the Windows website.

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33 thoughts on “get help with the xbox app on windows 10”

  1. All of a sudden I can not get on to xbox Microsoft solitare and mahjong. It just says loading and just keeps running and never comes on.

  2. What have you done to Wordament? Half the screen is black, the game blocks are reduced and only a few possibilities are given to note for future games. A waste of space, quite literally!!! I want my favourite game back, please!

  3. All of a sudden I can not get on to xbox Microsoft solitare and mahjong. It just says loading and just keeps running and never comes on.

  4. lost use of asphalt 8 with latest update (7/4/16) and followed as many suggestions possible to stop it from crashing when loading. Have you got some problem solver that will restore the game ? Gameloft themselves appears to be on the hunt as well the past few days as evident in their forum. As mentioned the game minimizes and just blinks away possibly there is where the problem lies.

  5. even though i did not sign up for windows 10… my computer updated it anyway, regardless, the solitare collection was working for around a month and then it just shows that its loading and nothing happens! I wish I still had my windows 7!!! I see other people have this problem as well, what do I do?

  6. how do I change the language from German to English on my xbox one in windows 10 on my laptop?

  7. I have been playing the “hidden objects” games. One day I started to go into the game, the screen of the game was smaller, I can hardly see the objects and cannot get the screen to fill my monitor as it had. Also, when that happened, some of the mini games just would not load, but would take the points off and stop the game. I do the games to relax, to calm my day and I am so very disappointed that I cannot find the answer to this.

  8. All of a sudden I can not get on to xbox Microsoft solitare and mahjong. It just says loading and just keeps running and never comes on.

  9. Microsoft Solitaire no longer works. Message says it has a catastrophic failure. What now?

  10. I am having a problem with Age of Empires, I get on it but it will not go past loading, so have have not been able to play it at all, plus serval other games are also having problems.

  11. Can anyone tell me how to delete completed jigsaws from Microsoft Jigsaws

  12. Hi, I am being shut out from Solitaire collection. It say it is having trouble connecting. What is the problem, and will it restore itself soon, it’s been a few days now since the difficulty began.

  13. I am having trouble with my solitaire collection. It says it is having trouble loading when I try to start a game and then it goes to a blank white screen. Help, I miss my games!!! It has been like this for over a week!

  14. Cannot access my solitaire games getting just a white screen when trying to load the games

  15. In latest Update in Windows 10 some there is problem occurs while playing games windows get a restart and sometimes Cortana is not working.

  16. what is going on with Microsoft jigsaw? Why is it freezing? How does it get fixed?

  17. per problemi di connessione mi avete tolto tutti i miei risultati. o ripristinate o non mi vedete più

  18. windows sucks…get it together nothing is working since your updates….can’t get on my security, recovery, or the solitaire collection….what gives?????? get it fixed or do you need a pc geek to do it for you????????

  19. Microsoft Solitaire loads fine, plays the commercial and then crashes, every. single. time.

  20. I am ComicTarsier564 I love playing this game I was at 125 after down load I am at 1 again why– help please.

  21. Like a lot of other people leaving comments here, I can no longer get into my Microsoft Games. I used to play Solitaire, Mindsweeper, Sudoku, Bingo every day. Now I can only get Bingo (and the daily gold giveaway on that doesn’t work, but can play the game). Have tried everything but nothing has worked for about 4 months now. Try to sign into account and the circle of dots just turns over and over… never connects. I see many others with the same problem here, but no support contact/info.

  22. Cannot get my Dragonmania app to sync my achievements on one of my windows computers it keeps asking me to add my age and my gender and starts right from the beginning with a different ID code to the one I normally use, a couple other games do the same ever since the latest update at end of December and yes, both windows 10 and both running version 1809 build

  23. Recently joined XBox on PC Beta I installed RIME twice just make sure same thing both times error code says I’m missing (vcruntime140.dll) and (msvcd140.dll) I can’t even find where it installed on my computer I haven’t got a clue and that worries me

  24. I had perfect games on Microsoft word game and then I had to restart entire month with only 2vdays before next month ! Where Did my Info go ?

  25. All the Gs5 games will no longer open in the xbox app. This has happened once before but came back in 2 days. It has happened again about a week ago and still will not open

  26. Me gustaria saber porque me da el siguiente error en el Gears 5:

    “Error al iniciar sesion en xbox live”

    Pude disfrutarlo durante unas horas y una vez que quedo disponible para todo publico, me aparecio ese error al intentar conectarme al dia siguiente,de eso ya van varios dias y he probado con otros juegos via la aplicacion Compañero de la consola y todos me dan el mismo error.
    Desde ya gracias por las posibles soluciones.

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