how to connect to continuum for phones

Fix display issues with Continuum for phones

If you’re not seeing anything on the connected TV or monitor:
1-Check that all the cables you’re using are plugged in.
2-Make sure your dock or adapter is connected to the correct HDMI port (there may be more than one).
3-Review the setup instructions to be sure you didn’t miss a step.
If the picture isn’t looking right on-screen:

1-Go to the settings menu on your connected TV or monitor.
2-Look for picture, image, or display settings.
3-Select the setting that fits the picture to the screen (if available).
4-If that doesn’t work, change other display settings until the picture is properly positioned and scaled.

hoe om aan continuum vir fone te koppel
ወደ continuum ለስልኮች እንዴት ማገናኘት ይችላል
ফোনৰ বাবে continuum-লৈ কেনেকৈ সংযোগ কৰিব
telefonlar üçün continuum-a necə qoşulmaq olar
kako se povezati na continuum za telefone
kuidas ühendada continuumi telefonide jaoks
nola konektatu telefonoetarako continuum-era
روش اتصال به continuum برای تلفن‌ها

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