spaceman.exe Storage Spaces Manager

spaceman.exe Storage Spaces Manager– a new component of Server 2012, it embodies a fresh view of developers on the data warehouse and how to administer it. Physical disks that provide data storage are abstracted from the process of requesting new volumes, now called spaces. Storage Spaces technology automatically performs all necessary actions to restore data redundancy in case of disk failure, if there are enough physical disks

spaceman.exe Storage Spaces Manager
spaceman.exe Storage Spaces Manager

IT administrators and even end users often need a fault-tolerant data store. In other cases, you need to protect information in other ways. You can open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Disk Management snap-in, check physical disks, convert them to dynamic disks, and then create a volume that meets your requirements. If the volume should increase, it can be possible to extend it (depending on the physical disks), but you can not add disks to an existing volume that would allow for easy scalability of the data store.
For small and medium-sized enterprises and even large companies with small remote branches (they have only a couple of servers and can not economically place a SAN or NAS), preparing a storage solution for services is a whole problem.
CPU use
A process is not encountered to use much CPU. But if you see such situation please check process with antivirus utilities.
How to remove spaceman.exe?
If you find out difficulties with spaceman.exe, you can uninstall the associated program (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs

In Winx64 system it can known as spaceman.exe Storage Spaces Manager (32-bit)

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  1. Nowadays every person is using the Windows Operating system. Windows 10 is the most popular Operating system because it adds important features compare to the others version of windows. You can also use the space man.exe for storage space manager.

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