tips to save battery power in windows 10

Key points to save battery power in Windows 10

Here are 3 ways to make your battery last longer when you can’t plug in your laptop or tablet.
Firstly, use battery saver. Select the Start Windows logo Start button button, and then select Settings Gear-shaped Settings icon > System > Battery. By default, battery saver turns itself on when your battery level goes below 20%, but you can adjust this in Battery settings.

Secondly, use Microsoft Edge for browsing. Tests show that when browsing with Microsoft Edge, your battery lasts 36-53% longer per charge than when browsing with Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on Windows 10.
Then create a power saver plan. Select the Start Windows logo Start button button, type Power options, select Power options, and then select Create a power plan. Select Power saver, and follow the instructions to set it up.

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