ни өчен минем төбәктә яки телдә cortana юк?

Cortana’s regions and languages

Regions & languages

To use Cortana, your region and language settings have to be aligned. See the following list of regions where Cortana is available, and the corresponding language for each of those regions.

Cortana is available in these regions for these languages:
Australia: English
Canada: English
China: Chinese (Simplified)
France: French
Germany: German
India: English
Italy: Italian
Japan: Japanese
Spain: Spanish
United Kingdom: English
United States: English
Note: If you change your region, you might not be able to shop at the Store, or use things that you’ve purchased such as memberships and subscriptions, games, films, TV and music.
Update: If your settings are correct but you still can’t use Cortana, installing the latest Windows Updates might fix the problem.

ни өчен минем төбәктә яки телдә cortana юк?

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