ctfmon.exe CTF Loader

Ctfmon.exe (CTF Loader) – is a program file in Microsoft Office and its remains running in the system tray after Office is closed. This item locate in folder “System32

Not so many people understand what is – ctfmon.exe. Because this is a part of Windows OS that works perfectly most of the time. When there is mistake, regular users start panic. They cannot change language. This is not the only thing this process can make.

This process is under Windows control and when it starts system create new process, which you can find in task manager. Process use a little bit of your computer resources so there is no reason to turn it off manual. Anyway, ctfmon.exe (CTF Loader), can be removed. The Microsoft support website provide detailed information about how to stop program.

If you decide to stop ctfmon.exe, you can have problems with writing articles and passwords.

Accodingly Ctfmon.exe:

  • responsible for converting handwritten text and oral speech into an electronic version;
  • provides the functionality of the language bar in Microsoft Office;
  • helps to switch the keyboard layout when working with a text program;
  • monitors active windows and provides text support for speech and handwriting recognition

ctfmon.exe CTF Loader

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