get help in windows 10

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how to get help in windows 10
how to get help in windows 10

You can enter a question in the search box and you’ll get answers from Microsoft, the web and Cortana.

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Learn the basics of Windows 10 and find out what’s new in the Get Started app ( go to Start,to find it and enter Get started).

how to get help in windows 10
how to get help in windows 10



4 thoughts on “get help in windows 10”

  1. When I started my computer and entered my password, text came up saying incorrect password. It asked for Windows Account password. I do not know my Windows account password, I cannot get into computer to change password.

  2. How do I get an answer to a simple question such as, how do I save a web page in windows 10?

    1. I had windows 7 last year I download windows 10 at the time that everyday on monitor was this
      advertisement ( download windows 10 for free ) I did it and now here I am without any windows, now I learned that was only for about one year, not more .my location is Iran/Tehran

      there is not exchange between banks or online… nc

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