change purchase sign-in settings for the windows store

Change purchase sign-in settings for Windows Store

The Windows Store asks for your password every time you buy something. To simplify purchasing and skip the password step:
Go to the Store app, and select your sign-in picture next to the search box.

Go to Settings > Purchase sign-in > Streamline my purchase experience.
Turn the switch to On.
This will let you buy from the Store without entering a password.
Your other devices will not be affected until you change this setting on each one.
This setting applies to in-app purchases.

27 thoughts on “change purchase sign-in settings for the windows store”

  1. Every time the apps to be loaded does not accept as ihv active gmail account which is not modified in the store settings

    1. I want to change my purchase sign in setting to enable me download apps effectively.

      1. I have got a lot of difficultes when l want buy an app but i am now happy that you will clear all my difficultes

    1. So how I can have some applications from store or how I can remove my sign in option

    2. Yes, my windows 10 always seems to PAUSE, or simply won’t download the app. Starting to hat msoft windows.

  2. The switch is not getting turned on. I’ve wasted a lot of time, effort and money on trying to change my settings. This is so frustrating.

  3. Come on this many people and no solutions !?!?Microsoft its your job to fix, after all arent you the most popular at the very top of your game, so to speak??? A lot of us are loyal customers and this isn’t right…. Should you have a handful or more people with the same issue shouldn’t that b a clue to u something isn’t working right?? Ur always asking for feedback, well here you go we all are asking you to help. It’s your design nothings perfect but Microsoft you have the solution come on help us out otherwise these forums are worthless without any solutions. Or maybe we will choose different brands in the future.

  4. And this is some kind of ….. SUPPORT…?!??!! Id say what i believe it to be but I’m sure my vulgarity wouldn’t be sociably acceptable…

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