change purchase sign-in settings for the windows store

Change purchase sign-in settings for Windows Store

The Windows Store asks for your password every time you buy something. To simplify purchasing and skip the password step:
Go to the Store app, and select your sign-in picture next to the search box.

Go to Settings > Purchase sign-in > Streamline my purchase experience.
Turn the switch to On.
This will let you buy from the Store without entering a password.
Your other devices will not be affected until you change this setting on each one.
This setting applies to in-app purchases.

10 thoughts on “change purchase sign-in settings for the windows store”

  1. Every time the apps to be loaded does not accept as ihv active gmail account which is not modified in the store settings

    1. I want to change my purchase sign in setting to enable me download apps effectively.

    1. So how I can have some applications from store or how I can remove my sign in option

  2. The switch is not getting turned on. I’ve wasted a lot of time, effort and money on trying to change my settings. This is so frustrating.

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