use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update

Automatically finish setting up after update

Updates require to restart your PC and sign in to Windows in order to finish installing the update, which means you might sign in to Windows and find you can’t use your PC until the update is finished. Windows 10 helps prevent this from happening by allowing Windows to use your sign in info to create a special token.

This token is used to automatically sign in after a restart, finish setting up your PC, and then lock your PC to help keep your account and your personal info safe.
To use this option, select the Start button, select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced options, and then select the check box next to Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update.
It’s recommended you turn on BitLocker when using this option. This option isn’t available if your PC is joined to a domain or if work or email policies are applied to your PC.

22 thoughts on “use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update”

  1. You might wanna explain a little more in “f’er example” terms…….cause I STILL don’t know what you’re talking about.

    How about storytelling mode:
    Say you’re going to sit down for a day of work on your computer……and…..and…

    Say you’re getting ready to go to bed and you go to shut down your computer, then, suddenly…….yada, yada, yada.

    This might help explain what the heck this feature IS……when I would USE it……and WHY I should turn it ON.

    Otherwise, I (and I’m sure others) have no clue what you mean.

    1. I don’t understand what it means either. If it means that when the computer is restarted after an update and Windows opens within the usual 2 minutes, as with other times when you might restart it – then that would be great, because my computer usually takes about 25-35 minutes to reboot after an update restart. But it doesn’t actually say that – or does it?

  2. Will this also use your sign-in info to bypass the system password (the one at BIOS level) should you have one set?

  3. I understand what this Log-in feature is going to do ….. I will allow your computer to finish the “install” after the updates…. But my question is …. where is the Control we used to have for installing updates? In common language… I am preparing for the most important meeting in 6 months…. I turn off my computer and Auto Updates start… So, I go about my business…shower & shave and pack my turned off computer. I get to the meeting, turn on the computer and the updates start installing ……. after 20 minutes… the meeting breaks up…. with the Egg on my face…. 5 hours later…… my PC is still updating…

    A fluke? not really …. the same thing happened on Saturday while I was home two weeks ago….

    I want full control over when updates occur….. preferably, when I am sleeping…. not in the middle of the fu_king day!

    1. John,
      You are ABSOLUTELY right! And I’m glad that you gave a business example, because it just demonstrates how callous M’soft is about user needs.

      “Supposedly”, you can schedule the download and restart for non-peak hours, or a specific time, but that’s the “ideal” situation; all we professionals have “ideal” schedules, don’t we?

      **MY** honest “fix”- I take my machine into the rest room with me, and when I am “facing east”, launch update to accomplish it’s (necessary functions), IYKWIM. 😉 MANY times, I have had to leave my (tablet) there, on, and plugged in charging, to let update finish (perhaps if I could administer it some “digital prune juice” … ??? … IDK).

      Best of luck to you, John, it your pursuits!

    2. You do have the option for when your computer updates occur. Type “Window Updates” into the search bar. Then click on “change active hours” to set the hours you want to receive updates.

    3. I could not agree more – and the updates just seem getting longer and loner. yesterday Microsoft did its thing without telling me and here I sat using my Iphone for the rest of the day. Came in this am – like 15 hours later and it is still updating then finally I forced a shut down the restarted the computer and hit all the F keys and
      Dell came up and did whatever it did for 30 minutes and somehow – finally up came access to my computer – BUT it is now like 20 minutes later asking me to restart and finish with updates. Really WTF!
      Frustrated Micorsoft User!! Karen

  4. We have to submit and obey Microsoft’s computing laws because only god knows what is best for our needs. We are meager humans and have no right to question the computer gods who have given us their amazing technology to help us grow and transform into one of their kind. Just accept their indoctrination and go with the flow and eventually you won’t need to worry about how and when information needs to be downloaded – when your brain is chipped everything will be automatic and you won’t even notice! In fact you won’t have to worry about anything because the great computer god will have everything under control.

    1. It is not funny. If you lose 2-3 days of any kind of work, eg. statistical calculations interrupted by updates. You might tolerate it for some time. However, if it happens “on a regular basis” or as a “standard procedure” and you cannot swith it off, then it is untolerable.
      We might start thinking that the Computer God – obviously created by Microsoft – is stupid,
      and His Horizons are rather limited; just at the level of Microsoft or Microsoft’s Father/s.
      Another possibility is that the artifial, imperfect God is getting free and evolves into something unknown which, unfortunately, overtakes our freedom to make us like He is.
      Would you like or accept it??

      B. Smith mentioned peak-hours. Have you tried to change Microsoft peak-hours [8-17h]?
      I tried to take under control updates changing my peak-work-hours from 8 to 23 or 0, the answer was this period has to be < 12h.

    1. I’m going back and get a Mac I’m just sick of all the housekeeping that I have to do with this Windows POS!

  5. I, too, am experiencing frustration with this days-long update process. They say it will help if I give them access to reboot (okaaay, that makes me a little nervous!) and then some warning about locking your “bitlock”. And then nothing about how to do this with your bitlock. What’s up with that? and will it stop this nonsense? I am totally frustrated….

  6. I too am totally frustrated. Tried to finish contract with time crunch and was shut down FOREVER with updates and restarts. What happened to being able to schedule when not working. Only 12 hour span now? Are they kidding? Had choice of windows and another MAC. Maybe made the wrong choice. And what’s the deal with automatically changing the desk top bkg!

  7. Hi Folks,

    For me the worry here is that if MS update is able to use our personal login password then that will make it less secure in some way? Does it then store your pass in a different place, so that it can be detected remotely?
    What about face recognition, finger print and other forms of identification?
    It may just mean that MS will be allowed to bypass the usual login process and therefore so will any hacker who figures out how they do it.

    For those who are using their PC for an important event, why not just take the updates on your own terms by updating manually well before the event?
    Updates are available on their site before they are forced on you.
    Start button/Settings/Update & security – “Check for updates”.

    This is an interesting solution, but involves a bit of *king about, why MS can not just give us a warning and let us choose a time i can not fathom?

    Linux is actually a very real alternative these days with Gui and ease of use somewhere between Windows and Mac, you can make a multi-boot system along with Windows and try it out?

    We now have faster CPU’s faster memory, faster internet, better designed software, yet Windows update takes longer than ever… go figure…

  8. I simply want to say when I want my PC to re-boot. That’s all! Please can we have that control back?

    1. Settings/ Update and Security/ Update Settings/ Restart Options.
      This will let you set a time to restart your computer for updates. This will also override active hours.

  9. I have the same issues with this update process as well as One Drive, One Note, One Microsoft God! Google is just as bad or worse. And see all the customers having problems, but I don’t see them being answered, addressed, or even acknowledged. Where is the answer? I don’t see any answers?

    And to the person(s) going to Mac and Linux. I’m right behind you. I’m not familiar with Linux but am very familiar with Mac and am only here because I figured I’d give it a try after my Mac Laptop died of Old Age and Old Software (not up gradable) so I will also be on the way to a Mac Store asap. Unfortunately they have also adopted the User Forum as a replacement for Customer Service so you still will encounter the same non response service as you do do everywhere else.

    Welcome to the Digital Age! Isn’t it Wonderful? Please do not reply if you are an Automated Response or a non Human.

  10. I run science calculations 24×7.

    MS Update reboots my computers when I am not active – and I lose hours of work.

    I want the new updates to download automatically – and ask me to install them. Then I can do so when it is convenient for me to reboot and re-initiate my work.

      1. Also on the same settings tab; Restart Options. This will let you set a time to install the updates. It will also override active hours, so no more pesky interruptions 🙂

  11. right click windows menu. choose run. type “services.msc” without quotations, hit enter. click “standard” tab at bottom. scroll to “windows update” and double click. choose disabled from dropdown menu and click “apply”.
    this will disable update completely. you will have to re-enable and manually check for updates then disable when you are finished. you will not be notified of available updates.

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