how do i know whether to trust a website on microsoft edge

How do I know whether to trust a website in Microsoft Edge?

If you see a lock button next to a website’s address in Microsoft Edge, it means:
What you send and receive from the website is encrypted, which makes it difficult for anyone else to get this information.

The website is verified, which means that the company running the site has a certificate proving they own it. Click the lock button to see who owns the site and who verified it.
While a grey lock means that the website is encrypted and verified, a green lock means that Microsoft Edge considers the website more likely to be authentic. That’s because it’s using an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which requires a more rigorous identity verification process.

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    1. why when I try to “block sender” I am told I have reached my maximan entry?

    2. I am attempting to access my account at the Vancouver regional Library……….it is locked help

  1. will the “lock” symbol on a web-site prevent me from getting to that particular web-site? How do I get into the web-site if it is my way of receiving e-mails?

    1. Yes I now can NOT get into my most used websites. The grey lock is on, how do I get back to opening my most valued websites?

      1. No, you still can open your mail provider website. Today, most of mail provider website use this technology to improve their security. It doesn’t make you cannot opening your valued websites, because not of all site using this feature.

        1. What can I do to unlock the YouTube in my , when there appears a GREY LOCK saying it is ENCRYPTED????

          1. What can I do to unlock the YouTube in my, when thete appers a GREY LOCK and saying: It is ENCRYPTED????

    2. Want to use my e-mail, not sign in & post on fb. Won’t let me go any farther.

  2. With the new Windows 10, I am unable to open our outlook page, what do I need to do get past this “Hmm cant reach this page” message

  3. please help me i have a system called GitHub in one of the programs on my windows 10,someone please remove all the extra sites but Firefox.thanx you,a tech just removed so i’m stuck with somore anti-viruses probably 10 or m0re by whom ever GitHub co.tell me how to get a windows tech?!

  4. I have a green lock and it is preventing me from printing a message that I am sending or receiving.
    How do I unlock the lock to be able to print. This just happened after an update. This is very annoying.

  5. how do I get into my IIN institute of integrative nutrition school page? it says its encrypted? how do I get into it now?????

  6. This sucks, I am not that good on a PC, did not choose this program get out of my life, I need to open my mail, Please Fix this

  7. is this some hustler? are they trying to collect a usage toll? I can’t get to the gaming section of facebook.

    1. No, the lock sign means that connection between your computer and the server is more secure, because the data which is sent and received is encrypted.

  8. I don’t know why these sights always assume the every one has a phone and can hear. I do neither. How do I get assistance on installing an update I just bought? PS I’m not happy with this windows 10.

  9. Please help. Can’t open my OneDrive or connect my emails to my Windows 10 phone (I downloaded it from the Preview for Developers app.) My husband and friend (who’s a gamer) linked my new phone and new number, email, etc. through the Xbox live crap. I deleted all the old accounts, created an alias, unlinked Skype message & calls and set it to my default Cortana. I found out when I was sitting on the couch ?,my husband, and his gamer friend were talking. I said that I just deleted ALL my old accounts linked to our PC (just in case ?) even though I have a new phone , etc. I’ve never seen two men run faster to their phone (gamers’ was in his car downstairs) and PC. Omg! I must have heard every excuse why and how my phone “accidentally” got linked to the PC and why I have an Xbox live account. Unreal. I need help. I’m dealing with a gamer who’s also hacking (AGAINST THE LAW BTW. RIGHT?) my phone and a beyond insecure husband. Please tell me what I can do to let them know that I will not tolerate this at all & fix my phone without factory reset. Please!!!

  10. I am ripped off by Virginmedia because I do not want to change to another ISP and want to keep the same e-mail address I have since I first joined in Teletext they took over to Cable and then to Virginmedia. In the past few months, they are taking a big amount off my agreed payment without my wanting to upgrade to the basic package I had, Phone, Broadband and TV.
    I updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Home Premium in January 2015 I think and all was fine. I greed to pay some £20.00 per month but since March this year they have been taking off some £40 per month. I can’t take their offer for Mobile as I am on another Contract but they keep sending offers! Please help as it should cost £8.00 for new users. This is daylight robbery!

  11. How do I get into my required continuing education courses when they’re encrypted?

  12. Your e-mail stated I have not responded to your statement that I have not serviced the 2013 camry. Your records should be updated to note that the car has only 6 thousand miles on it because I have been sick and only my aide only uses my corolla after 13 years now and has 22 thousand miles on it and is well serviced and considered in excellent shape and if I consider selling either car let the service people offer to buy them first.

  13. Why my outlook e/mail keeps closing and opening when I go into the page to post some message.
    and further more I can`t even open other pages like my draft notes or sent notes , what could be the
    problem and how to solve this .

  14. why cant I play my games on facebook any more it is so maddening.hate window 10 has been nothing but trouble

  15. Why couldn’t I get anything into today you said I had the wrong email address all the time. And you decided to lock a lot of it. Now how do I unlock it all?

  16. Alright Please help me I need to figure out away to remember my pass word cause I think I had given somebody password and an email he could send things to me. But I never put that email in the computer before. I thought he could just send to me.

  17. I currently use Microsoft Edge. When I type in my bank web account, it shows the following:

    Welcome to nginx!
    If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.
    For online documentation and support please refer to
    Commercial support is available at
    Thank you for using nginx.

    Won’t let me go to my banks web site. What is this? How do I FIX this and get it out of my pc?

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